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Worse Than Taking A Horse?

First the extra terrestrial, and now this Silent Hill sub-boss is getting more action on the field than the Minnesota Vikings? I don't know what the fuck is going on recently, but eventually this behavior is going to involve the fire department.

1,343,369 views 10/30/23 Wtf

The Special Olympics of Porn

You know you're in some sort of bat shit crazy porn renaissance when Japan comes in last on the list of things you shouldn't masturbate to. Between the Tijuana down syndrome family plan and whatever the fuck Insane Clown Posse is doing at 1:45, idk if I should cum or cry.

731,691 views 11/30/23 Mildly Retarded

Unacceptable Devices VIII

idk what the fuck is going on in that last clip. But if that isn't the body type of a woman that's muttered the words 'i used dijon mustard as lubricant while losing my virginity to a neighbor's pontiac fiero' at Festivus dinner, idk what is. Now apologize to the laws of thermal dynamics.

1,041,495 views 12/07/23 Unacceptable Devices

"Orb Challenge" Almost Ruptures Cervix

Got one too manyemails about this particular wildebeest seen in Unacceptable Devices VIII, so here's the fuller version for the special kind of miscreant that prefers to end his No Nutting November with some class.

433,880 views 12/11/23 Insertions

Uncomfortable Moments in Porn II

Somewhere in the next 4 minutes you may ask yourself: What the fuck led to the creation of this? Amphetamines? Mental illness? An unhealthy addiction to masturbating with a Vitamix Explorian 2:20 mark I don't know but... another sequel is most definitely in the works. -PART 1-

1,002,657 views 08/31/23 Fail

How To Get Banned on Every Platform

Here it is; The most requested female I've had since broken butthole dream girl. Her name is Bella Nasty, and she's the only person to ever complete the hat trick challenge in front of a live audience. Ultimately leading to perma bans on Chaturbate, MFC and Stripchat. Let's go.

1,367,792 views 09/04/23 Crazy

The Absolute Worst of Pornhub VI

Half of these participants would be better suited in the clearance section of Craigslist forgotten /erotic section. The other half might match you on Tinder if you try hard enough. Choose your fate. More: -1- -2- -3- -4- -5-

1,767,480 views 09/25/23 The Worst Of Pornhub

Awkward Moments in Porn 15

A baffling assortment of eccentric freaks so confusing out of place, you'll think you're watching the new Scream movie. There's a time and place for everything... except tag teaming a $1,000 dollar Queen's Blade figurine. That's a permanent no from me dawg.

1,276,265 views 05/01/23 Awkward Moments In Porn

The 6 Levels of Cringe

Many a question will arise while shuffling through this one, but none more important than whatever comes out of your mouth around the 3:30 mark. Don't worry, you're not alone. I don't fucking know either.

1,136,897 views 05/08/23 Wtf

Real Cowboy Shit

♫18 naked cowboys in the showers at Ram Ranch ♫ Big, hard, throbbing cocks wanting to be sucked ♫ 18 naked cowboys wanting to be fucked ♫ Cowboys in the showers at Ram Ranch

784,608 views 05/29/23 Wtf

The Worst of OnlyFanz VI

I want to admire their passion, but the Jurassic Park remake around the 0:40 second mark is in severe danger of receiving a cease and desist. Discover more reasons to keep that $19.99 in your pocket every month -HERE-.

810,432 views 06/01/23 The Worst Of Onlyfanz

Invaded, Violated and Victimized

In Pasadena no one can hear you cream. -song-

1,325,496 views 06/05/23 Bizarre

Buy A Daughter, Get the Mom Free

It's pretty unbelievable what kind of deals still exist if you're willing to put in the work and find them. No need to negotiate on price either. Just lay down your $27USD and let the all you can eat vaginitis begin.

1,405,531 views 06/12/23 Hookers

The Absolute Worst of Pornhub V

A rousing assembly of women that don't believe teh night is over until their clout levels have reached unmeasurable proportions. Reminiscent of a reoccurring dream I keep having involving Brock Lesnar and Long John Silver’s Cocktail Sauce.

1,351,088 views 06/15/23 The Worst Of Pornhub

Buy A Daughter, Get the Mom Free: Part 2

The only thing more arousing than a mother renting our her own flesh and blood to the tune of a 2 for 1 BOGO flash sale, is the sequel of a mother renting our her own flesh and blood to the tune of a 2 for 1 BOGO flash sale. I don't know about you but my shrimp roll just got supersized. PART 1

1,198,189 views 06/19/23 Hookers

Uncomfortable Moments in Porn

Emphasis on the 2nd clip. I laughed, I cried, I wondered if this was the backup plan for Cliff Hanger 2 if Stallone's medicine cabinet ran out of human growth hormone. And now you get to experience the same thing for the ultra low price of $0.00. Suck it Apple Vision Pro.

902,469 views 06/22/23 Mildly Retarded

The Worst of OnlyFanz VII

Alright fellas, -take a memo on your Newton-: If girls aren't flocking to your Levi's like 1 star reviews to the newest Disney remake, then this might be in your future. Just keep track of those subscription fees so reality doesn't hit harder than 1996 did to Robert Downey Jr.

1,149,542 views 07/06/23 The Worst Of Onlyfanz

More Retarded Moments in Pornography 2023

ex·per·i·menting: 1 to try out new concepts or ways of doing things 2 performing a scientific procedure, to determine something 3 to change the entire demographic for the NERF Elite Strongarm Blaster

862,870 views 07/13/23 Bizarre

The Dangers of Addiction

Something tells me this trailer park graduate has more hyphens in her real name than California's marriage certificate database, but they just call her Alice. Her issue? PTSD inducing sex acts turn her underwear into a fish tank and there's nothing she can do to stop it.

1,506,005 views 02/06/23 Breakdowns

The Only Olympics I'm Watching in 2024

I wasn't intending on the ambiguous crossover of Tokyo and The Kentucky Derby to make my boner list... yet here we are.

975,395 views 02/23/23 Asians
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