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The Most Talented Girl In Russia

Moscow drug mule gets into a personal world war with her own rectum, most likely the result of an all kholodets diet . Jiggy Saw himself once said: "When there's that much poison in your blood, the only thing left to do, is shoot yourself." In other words; She attempted to no-scope and succeeded beautifully.

343,987 views 01/11/24 Loose

Nymphomaniac vs. Facial Abuse

Not the plan of attack I recommend you try on the misses. But luckily for our willing participant here, Dr. Oz's schedule just opened up. Both Plan B and increasing trailer park lot fees thank you for your contributions.

1,265,377 views 11/07/22 Loose

Permission to Destroy

Lexi Grey has a long list of do's and a virtually non-existent list of do-nots. Now somebody get this future hall of famer the urban dictionary definition of Alabama Hot Pocket ASAP so we can fight over who gets to marry her first.

1,662,938 views 02/21/22 Loose

Your ASS is Gonna Learn Today

free tip: Don't be fooled by the "i collect exotic toothpastes and I'm saving my g-spot for Sonic the Hedgehog" appearance. She may appear to be innocent, but this is no sex noob. Despite leaking more soft serve than a birthday party at Carvel, she actually did finish the scene.

2,179,784 views 03/31/22 Loose

The Girlfriend Experience

And by experience, I mean one man blowing up his beer money on the kind of sexual endeavor that would shell shock a Vietnam war veteran. Speaking of blowing up: The only thing missing from that slaughter house between her legs is someone in the background screaming wUrLstAr and Floyd Mayweather coming out of retirement to fight it.

2,046,095 views 11/18/20 Loose

The Tallahassee Crab Trap

Consider this the advanced users only section of the Internet. And nothing spells T-A-C-T-I-C-A-L A-D-V-A-N-T-A-G-E quite like a woman that could literally use a Volkswagen Golf as a dildo. If you're not into safe spaces being invaded... this one isn't for you.

2,650,716 views 11/05/19 Loose


See the thumbnail? Get used to making that face. For you're about to meet a woman with enough human-grade roast beef to end global hunger. I never finished medical school... but it's my professional suggestion she uses the $47.00 paid for this scene to buy a pair of hedge sheers on the way home.

2,329,889 views 05/08/19 Loose

The Indestructible Vagina

1,485,176 views 12/17/08 Loose

Queen Of Loose Vagina

Sounds like he's fuckin a jar of mayonnaise.

1,647,860 views 09/03/07 Loose

Loose Pussy Girl Gets Anal

She also gets double fisted, but when both your hands are deep in a pussy, it's kinda hard to film.

1,720,578 views 09/12/07 Loose

Assisted Entry

Okay so both his dick & hand are in her vagina and he seems to be masterbating...internally.

3,692,933 views 12/29/06 Loose

Do the Dew!

The girl from the 'Assisted Entry' video is back, proving once again just how elastic her pussy is!

2,932,694 views 01/02/07 Loose

The Elastic Pussy

The chick with the elastic cunt is back!

1,498,442 views 04/26/07 Loose
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