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1 Guy, 1 Basketball

For centuries many will wonder - how did he do it? How did one man fit an entire basketball into his anus? Vigorous week-long training sessions? Nah. Optical illusion? Nope. Homosexual superpowers that transform one's rectum into a 4th dimension gateway? I suspect so.

1,743,959 views 01/26/09 Insertions

Soccer Mom

Whenever she makes the unfortunate decision to reproduce, I bet you the doctors in the delivery room will just have her stand up and let gravity take it's course. The little fucker will fall right out.

1,862,167 views 03/02/09 Insertions

His Dick Wasn't Big Enough

When your penis just can't get the job done, you gotta resort to other body parts. The fist is the limb of choice for most of those big-pussied sluts, but of course there's always gonna be some with even more demanding needs. In this video the guy uses his foot, but keep in mind you can always skull fuck them too. Just shave your head 1st for the sake of hygiene.

1,751,691 views 11/07/08 Insertions

Stuff You Shouldn't Put In Your Ass

Well after seeing last weeks video, I think "glass jars" should top the list of "stuff not to shove up your ass" but honestly there isn't much creativty in that. Now a lemon juicer on the other hand... thats got originality written all over it.

1,294,236 views 12/15/08 Insertions

The Biggest Vagina In porn

That green football in her pussy has an extremely negative effect on the appearance of her asshole. It vaguely resembles the Star Trek symbol. I'm afraid that is a salad I simply cannot toss.

1,183,205 views 07/26/08 Insertions

Fucked 3 Feet Deep

A 2 foot dildo followed by a 7 inch cock in the ass, all at once. What kind of person could accommodate such an enormous insertion? I'll give you a hint: there are 2 people in this video and neither of them are woman.

1,537,011 views 08/14/08 Insertions

Light Bulb Pussy

This is probably the most dangerous insertion I've seen yet. If her pussy was just a bit tighter, the pressure would've caused the bulb to shatter and the glass would've shredded her vagina to shit. Yikes!

1,018,775 views 05/17/08 Insertions

It Wont Go Any Deeper

Alright so last night I was on that Ask Alice site or some shit and it says the average vagina is only 6 inches deep. So I'm dying to know how the fuck does this guy fit a 2 foot balloon in his wifes pussy?

1,475,095 views 05/19/08 Insertions

Impaled By Giant Dildo

Look at how tightly her pussy clings to that dildo. I bet you anything that if she retracted really fast her vagina would prolapse. Yikes!!!!!

1,818,362 views 03/27/08 Insertions

Hotdog Down A Hallway

There's enough room in there for my penis, your penis and 3 black men's penises. Definitely not my favorite combination but hey, it fits.

1,431,007 views 05/08/08 Insertions

Record Breaking Dildo Fuck

If that dildo went any deeper it would split her in half. If she ever decides to have quadruplets she'll be well prepared.

2,610,572 views 02/29/08 Insertions

Girl Gives Birth To 14 Inch Dildo

This girl shits a massive dildo out of her pussy with no effort at all. If I keep posting shit like this people are gonna think I have a fetish for loose pussy haha.

1,467,996 views 03/04/08 Insertions

8 Ball Corner Pocket

Easy shot. Back up 4 feet and do the same trick with your asshole and then maybe I'd be a little impressed, slut.

718,623 views 01/13/08 Insertions

Pussy Balloon 2

She must be practicing for giving birth... I'd say she's ready!

1,392,577 views 09/17/07 Insertions

Huge Water Bottle Insertion

Oh man. This is one of the biggest cunt insertions I've ever seen. How could anyone fuck that hole?

1,411,490 views 05/30/07 Insertions
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